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The Elusive Ellipse
By far, the most common problem artists encounter in drawing is with unconvincing ellipses. The most common mistakes are to make them football-shaped, frankfurter-shaped or flat on one side, like a loaf of bread.

An ellipse is no more than the visual description of a circle viewed from different angles. Hold a dinner plate straight up and it's circular. But lay it down, it becomes elliptical until, viewed from the edge, it becomes a straight line....

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The definitive source for Technique and Methods for Easel Painters.

How To Tube Your Own Paint - To many, tubing your own oil paint or medium is a mystery...





Here are some useful tricks and approaches most pros won’t share and many teachers don’t know.





Formulas for painting mediums, glues, glazes and waxes that make paintings stand out in a gallery.

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cadmium orange paint being milled and a tube of oil paint being crimped